What's the Color of your Soul? (and its meaning?)

R.E.A.D! Ok I'm very sorry to report, I HAVE BAD WRITERS BLOCK on my story, but I suddenly had a great idea for a quiz, so I siezed it since it was the only idea that was coming to me in a VERY long time, so humor me... Ok this quiz is meant to be the now type. The colors have meanings behind them, so if you are depressed, happy, blah blah blah you get it right? And that could be red or black, or blue, and so on and so on. I'm sure you get it, you're a smart bunch of people! I know this cuz, if you were

Created by XandersGirl on 05/06/2008

Take the What's the Color of your Soul? (and its meaning?) quiz.

(Hehe I won't ask what your fave color is, now who's your fave quiz master?)<br> Think about your closest parent, or guardian. Whether it be your mother, father, or whoever is/was your soul providor. What are your most talked about subject? (from the lis

Imagine for me, your dream guy/girl. Think about his/her looks. His/her hair, eyes, his/her body build, his/her height, and so on.<br> Now think about his/her personality. Is s/he funny? Nice? Innocent? Or is s/he bad? aggressive? Evil minded?<br>

What is your basic outlook on life, right this instant? Take in all your emotions from the day, or the week or even from the year. Think back to all your happy moment,s your sad moments. The tims you were angry or depressed. And put all that together,

Last question...What was the last thought in your head, before you got onto quizilla. Just before you turned on the computer? Think back now, and think hard. What was that very last thought, before you finger hit that computer button?

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