is there a ghost in your house?

i know i have a ghost in my house! but actually, its my mom! yay!!!! i think she is in a million places. its like part of her went inside me and mi sis (maybe where we got our personality) and then she split again to watch over me and mi sis, then she split and went to heaven! so im hapy. she is prob rite next to me now. thats prob y i always feel cold to people, but feel warm to me. also, i am always warm! yesterday it was 45 and i wuz warm but my friend wuz FREEZING. she even had on more clothing!!! O.o

Created by randomawesomea on 11/30/1999

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do you think your ghost is friendly or mean?

cold or warm spots in your house?

check all "symtoms"

do you have dreams of a ghost? or a dead person? or both? Stranger? this cld b all the time, sometimes, or rarely ever.

are you scared to be alone??

do you believe in ghosts??

how old is our house??

do your pets act weird???? like ONLY in your house/around your property???

do u even think you have a ghost?

wld the ghost rate????? (YOU HAVE TO)

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