What Miley Cyrus Song Are You ?

Miley Cyrus [Destiny Hope Cyrus] is honestly my favourite singer . I think shes the best ! Her voice is beautiful , shes gorgeous , & her songs are amazing ! In this quiz , you find out what Miley Cyrus song suits you best . If you haven't heard the song you got as your result , i suggest you look it up (: Enjoy ! :D

Created by xxsportscutiexx on 11/30/1999

Take the What Miley Cyrus Song Are You ? quiz.

Whats your favourite Miley Cyrus video ?

Pick the saying that you like best/what you think suites you best . (:

Pick your favourite songs by Miley Cyrus outta:

What Miley Movie(s) is/are your favourite ? (: [It is the movie she stars in or even just a small role :D]

Whats Your Favourite Miley Cyrus Album ? (:

How do you feel about that special guy ? (:

If you & your best friend liked the same guy , & you two promised neither one of you would go out with him because it wasn't fair , then the next day , your crush asked you out , how would you react & what would be your reply ?

Why are you taking this quiz ? (:

Quiz is over . Did you like it ? Will you rate ? (please :D)

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