Hetalia: ▲▼Spin the bottle►◄

You sit in your spot at the round table waiting for the damn meeting to be over. Yes, you read this correctly YOU are at a world meeting because you are the represenative for the country ____. You sit there and tap your fingers impatiently against the desk as you watch the clock tick-tocking on the wall when suddenly America stands up and starts shouting. "I'm bored!!!" He cries as he slams a clear, bottle down. "Lets play-" His grin goes from, cheerful to eery as he finishes his sentence "SPIN THE BOTTLE!

Created by neonsakura1022 on 06/23/2011

Take the Hetalia: ▲▼Spin the bottle►◄ quiz.

After a few people have gone, you start to calm down and get a little bit into the game until it comes the time that it is your turn. Nervously you pick up the bottle and spin it, it spins....

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