What Is Killing You Inside? (pics/detailed results)

This quiz is for both genders, and this quiz contains some dark content. I know that this quiz doesn't cover every aspect of what could go wrong in life, but I picked out the most harmful ( in my opinion ) so just enjoy! Also, there are 7 results, and just another note to remember, that this is not for the light hearted, it is intended for the darker beings! It's in no way to "tell you whats killing you inside" this is just for fun. Like any quiz, no result is going to be 100 percent accurate.

Created by xxXXxxPyschoxxXXxx on 11/30/1999

Take the What Is Killing You Inside? (pics/detailed results) quiz.

What lyrics out of these do you feel suits you best?

What activity do you like doing the most? { Don't be TOO much of a tight ass, just pick one }

What do you find yourself saying most often?

Story Time: A little kid has cancer, and their parents ask for your money for a donation to help this little kid, how do you react?

What is your opinion on religion and other politics?

How are you reactions with other people? Friends, Authority, and family is included.

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