The Outsiders RP 1(If you were there)

Let's get this straight, Steve isn't in here cuz idk too much about him. You just moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma with your parents and they tell you to go take a walk....

Created by darebear9 on 11/30/1999

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So if you read the description, you can see you're going on a walk in your new neighborhood.

In front of some house you see a group of guys playing football. Some of them are really cute you can't help but think.

You sit on the curb in front of someones house and watch the boys playing. A guy in a mickey mouse shirt notices you and yells, "Hey lookit that! We got ourselves a fan!" A blond guy laughs and waves at you.

Throughout their game, one boy keeps looking over at you and smiling. He has a terrific smile, you can't help but smile back when he notices you.

You begin to zone out as you sat on the curb. You wonder what that guy's name is. Who knows, maybe you'll make a friend today! You hear them yelling but you don't really notice it.

"LOOK OUT!" A voice screams. You turn around and yelp as you see their football headed straight for you. You shut your eyes tightly and that's all you remember before blacking out.

You wake up a while later. You don't even know where you are! This place doesn't look familiar. Startled, you sit up to see the blond boy sitting beside you. "Oh thank goodness, you're up." He flashes you a breath taking smile.

"I'm real sorry about what happened. We didn't mean to hit ya, honest! I dunno where you live, so we took you back to my house. Hey, you feelin alright?" He puts his hand to your forehead to check if you have a fever or a bump.

"Guys, she's up!!!" The blond boy yells and suddenly the living room was filled with the group of boys from earlier! They were all tryin to talk at once, which made your headache worse and you groaned

The blond boy introduces himself as Sodapop. He introduces everyone else too. There's Dally, Ponyboy, Johnny, Two-bit and Darry. You say your name and greet them.

You see the guy who was looking over at you during the game. Now you know his name (you'll see him in the results) and you smile widely when you notice he was glancing over and grinning at you that whole time. He looked away quickly.

"OH GEEZ!" Sodapop exclaimed. "I forgot the football outside. Where the heck did it go? ______, you stay with her! We need to go look for it!" (Again, see the guy in results)

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