Black Veil Brides 30 minutes in heaven (Just cute-ness :3)

ok well, i was bored and i decided to do this quiz. XD and plus, BVB is my favorite band and im listening to them right now. LOL. trust me, it was either BVB or Naruto. ^___^U Ahhhh, welll, to ruin your fangirls little dreams, its not gunna be dirty. i dun see why y'all imagine those thing. XD but there will be cuddleing and alittle kissing. :3 But not for Jinxx. x3 he already has a girl so you'll find out what happenes. :D well, enjoy!

Created by xShuuyax on 06/12/2011

Take the Black Veil Brides 30 minutes in heaven (Just cute-ness :3) quiz.

Dx this is the most oddest question BUT, did you read the Memo? (its kinda improtant and it does go with your result. >:D buahaha!) oh BTW, im sorry if the stories are short. Dx

“___!!!!!!” I screamed out while I sat between Jinxx and Ashley. “What?” you asked, completely bored. “Piiiick one….” I said in a creepy voice. “Ok?” you said. You attacked the hat and i mumbled, "ook.." You picked out the color....

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