What is my Destiny?

Hiya ppl. This is my first quiz and well.. what can i say? I hope u like it...

Created by AbandonedDreams on 05/12/2008

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Another day.. god the sun is too bright. Your awake now, makes sense to get up. Draggin yourself out of bed you stumble into the bathroom. You wash quickly, cursing under your breath as the cold water hits your skin. This is not going to be a good day. Tir

Skipping breakfast you walk slowly to the bus stop. Just as you round the corner you see the bus pass your stop. shit. You realise you could probably run and catch it but.. well.. whats the point? the idea of school isnt especially welcoming to you anyway.

You finally get to school late. Stuffing your books into your locker you trudge to your class. School isnt too bad for you really. Your just a normal 16 year old girl, your tall, slim but curvy, you have dark eyes and dark hair which most people would kill

**fast foward to lunch** <p>Grabbin your lunch from your locker you go into the lunch hall to try and find your friends. Although you would rather be alone, you know they will only ask questions if you dont show. As you enter the hall someone bumps into y

A deep and purley masculine voice startles you out of your thoughts. <p>"So who do we have here?" <p>Looking up your eyes widen slightly. wow. Black hair, strong features, stong looking, and an oh so kissable mouth. You couldnt tell what colour his eyes we

**Well thats all for now folks. plz rate and message.**

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