Is He PlAyInG mInD gAmEs WiTh YoU?

ThIs iS a 'FROM PERSONAL EXPERIENCE' Quiz ... *snIfFel* I'm OkAy

Created by innocentdestruction on 05/06/2008

Take the Is He PlAyInG mInD gAmEs WiTh YoU? quiz.

YoU gUyS aRe ClOsE fRiEnDs (yOu AlSo ShArE tHe SaMe GrOuP oF fRiEnDs) ... WhEn YoUr AlOnE hE's SwEeT aS cAn Be, BuT wHeN yOU'rE aRoUnD yOuR fRiEnDs hE's;

YoU gUyS aRe AlOnE At HiS hOuSe AnD hE hInTs ThAt He WaNtS tO fOoL aRoUnD, BuT dOeSn'T aCt On It: yOu AsSuMe iT's BeCaUsE . . .

YoU gUyS jUsT hAd ThIs AwEsOmE WrEsTlEiNg MaTcH (iN wHiCh YoU WON =D) WhAt DoEs He Do NeXt?

OkAy So In ThIs SoAp-OpErA rElAtIoNsHiP ... YoU aSk OnE oF YoUr BeSt FrIeNdS (hIs Ex) WhAt ThIs AlL mEaNs. ShE sAyS;

YoU gEt ChRiStAs PrEsEnTs fOr AlL yOuR frIeNdS, hE's NoT tHeRe WhEn YoU gIvE tHeM oUt BuT yOu cAtCh uP wItH hiM lAtEr oN ... WhEn YoU hAnD hIm HiS pReSeNt HE:

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