Welcome To The Hogwarts Dating Game! (Part 2)

We left off on the train, if I remember correctly...

Created by Futureauthortoday on 11/30/1999

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"I'm Sean (Shawn)," The first boy, who has red hair and green eyes, says. "And my friend is named Matthew," Sean motions in the direction of Matthew. "Matthew?" Jo asks from the seat next to you. "That sounds so formal! Why is that?!"

"Well, my parents decided to name me that!" Matthew says. "Uh... okayz then..." Jo says, causing the two of you to burst out laughing. "You can call me Matt!" Matt continues, but stops when he sees yet another boy standing outside of your compartment.

The boy steps into your compartment, with his black hair and clear, calming blue eyes, and you think:

Introductions are made, and you learn that the boy, Mark, is Matt's cousin. The six of you sit on the train, and when you finally hop off it and see the carriages, you think:

Later on, your sitting in the Gryffendor common room, when Josh walks up to you. "Come with me," he commands. "Why?" You suddenly feel scared, but you've known Josh him all of your life, so why shouldn't you trust him?

"Change into your bathing suit, and meet me back here in five." "But Josh! It's already dinner time! I should get going to the Great Hall!" You whine. "I told Jo to sneak food back here for us. Come on, you're resting our time!"

After putting your two piece, camouflage bikini on, you rush back to the common room, to find Josh standing around, waiting for you. He's wearing a pair of solid, navy blue swim trunks. You blush when he sees you, half naked in your bikini.

Before you know what's happening, Josh blindfolds you and sweeps you up into his surprisingly muscular arms. "Just relax, we'll be there shortly!" Several minutes tick by, then you hear a door open and water splash. As Josh is taking off your blindfold,

he says: "Welcome to the Prefect bathroom!" You gasp, then jump into the large, bubble filled bathtub. Josh jumps in after you, sending water everywhere. "This is fun! But why did you bring me here?" You ask Josh.

"Because there's something that I've wanted to do for a few years now..." UH-OH! You think, what could he mean? Suddenly, your thoughts are answered when Josh springs a kiss on you. Your reaction?:

Josh breaks away from you, then grabs two towels, hands you one, and pulls the drain's plug. As you two are walking out the door, both of you walk into Professor McGonagall. "What are you two doing? It's dinnertime! Detention! Now! BOTH of you!"

"But Professor! We were just bathing!" ""Bathing?"" McGonagall exclaims, air-quotes and all. "Detention! Both of you! NOW!" McGonagall grabs both of you by the back of the neck, dragging the two of you by your necks to the detention room.

And... it's a cliffhanger! I hope that you enjoyed this long part!

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