Hetalia Sleepover Rp: Who Will Fall For You?! pt.3

Canada included! I wasn't that creative this time, so it's a roadtrip! I did this when i recieved a request for a part three. So, enjoy!

Created by Wolfpuppygrr777 on 07/08/2011

Take the Hetalia Sleepover Rp: Who Will Fall For You?! pt.3 quiz.

Who did you get last time?

You wake up early in the morning to hear your phone ringing, It's Alfred! He's calling about another part to the sleepover, a road trip! You say:

What do you decide to wear? (me: yeah i just like these kind of questions) Pick the outfit then two colors.

When you get there, Canada is the first to see you! You:

When everybody's ready, you all pile into Alfred's car. You guys all decide to head to a small town near a lake. When you get there, everyone is hungry and you guys eat at a:

After lunch, you guys go visit some places in the town. List three places you visit.

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