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Created by SisteroftheOrichalcos on 05/12/2008

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Joey: "Hey Tristan, Yugi here's teachin' me to play Duel Monsters." Tristan: "Drooling monsters?" Joey: "Duel Monsters, ya nimrod."

"Tristan! You were shoving into that girl like a girl scout!"

"Don't worry, you've got the ba-RILLiant mind of Joey Wheeler on the case, and I always get my man." ::friends look at him with narrowed eyes::

Yugi: "Let's just sit here, put our heads together and think." Tristan: "Just remember one of those heads is Joey's so that's like subtracting one mind." Joey: "Ha ha. Very funny Tristan."

Joey: ::dueling Bones:: "It was your ugly face that gave me the willies!" Bandit Keith: ::while laughing:: "You gotta admit, he's got a point!"

"What is this, dueling by committee? Are you gonna play the card or aren't you?!"

Joey: "Hey what the, Hey Yugi. AHHHHHHHHHHH! You're a giant! Aw man I finally cracked." Yugi: "No Joey, listen, your soul has been sealed inside your favorite card. You've become the Flames Swordsmen." Joey: "I'm the who?" Yugi: "And if you are defeated

Bakura: "My Millennium Ring is pulling in this direction." Joey: "Well tell it to pull slower!"

::In the duel with the brothers Para Dox:: "Whadda mean dispair, that ain't fair!!"

"All right yous brothers Paradox, me and Yugi are gonna clean your clocks!"

*This is my favorite one* Yugi: "Wow, there's chips ..." Joey: "Dibs on the chips." Yugi: "Candy bars ..." Joey: "Dibs on the candy bars." Yugi: "Fruit ..." ::silence:: Yugi: "Soda." Joey: "Dibs on the soda."

Tea: "I play Wobaku." Joey: "Hey, I taught her that trick." Tristan: "By taught you mean getting schooled every time she beats you with it."

::sleeping:: "Mmm ... barvarian cream would hit the spot right now ... mmm ... glazes ... and ... cruslers ... in ... GIAGANTIC DOUGHNUTS!!"

::sleeping:: "Hey put that down!" ::Bandit Keith freezes:: "That's my pizza!"

Well that is all for now! I gotta go!

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