Which Hetalia Hottie Seduced You? *Seven Minutes in Heaven*

Twenty five sessions and five of them are exclusive to you! Can you handle the Hetalia crew? Find out and enjoy the most delicious and detailed game of your life.

Created by PerfectTempest on 11/30/1999

Take the Which Hetalia Hottie Seduced You? *Seven Minutes in Heaven* quiz.

Tonight, Alfred is hosting a party and has insisted that you attend. You know your love interest will be there and that this would be the perfect opportunity to approach him. However, you have work. What do you do?

Alfred called into work for you, said you were sick, and claimed he was taking care of you. Now, you’re headed to the party. What kind of mood are you in?

Choice of clothing for the party?

Choice of shoes for the party?

How do you get to the party?

Upon walking through the door, assuming you did not arrive with her, your closest female friend greets you. Who is she?

Everyone is all over the place mingling. Which group of friends are you hanging out with most of the time?

While talking to your friends, you say something that makes them laugh. What kind of humor do you have?

The party is getting crowded and people are spilling drinks and knocking things over. Alfred could care less, as he’s doing most of the damage. How do you react?

Turning up the music louder and louder, you can feel your heart shaking against your ribcage. What kind of music would you love to be listening to?

Which of these qualities do you display most that makes you particularly attractive for a relationship?

After separating from your friends to get a drink, you notice your love interest glance at you from across the room and then disappear into the crowd. Who are you in love with?

Slyly, your best friend slinks over to you and gives you a nudge, murmuring, “Hey, did you hear that there’s a game of Seven Minutes in Heaven planned?” How do you react?

During Seven Minutes in Heaven, which attractive strength would you display?

If you get thrown into the game unexpectedly, you will probably be ________.

If you get too excited during Seven Minutes in Heaven, you will probably be ________.

Meandering away from your best friend, you wander back to your group of friends who are talking to Sealand, who snuck in and claims to know you. Testing the lad, they ask Sealand to describe you and he does. What does he say?

Looking over, you notice that Alfred is asking people to write something on a card. Immediately, you know that it’s for Seven Minutes in Heaven. Hat in hand, you notice Alfred turn towards you and advance. Looks like it’s time to play the game. Now what d

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