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My first Hetalia quiz, yay. This quiz is more of a compatibility one, showing you which characters you would be best romantically paired with along with a best friend focusing on your personality. Its based my opinion and I've tried to make it non-obvious, so don't get mad and rate low if you didn't get the result you wanted, I worked hard on this. I hope you all enjoy the quiz and I apologize for any possible typos. Comments and feedback are much appreciated and make me happy. ~ ♥ x0WhiteMoon0x

Created by x0WhiteMoon0x on 07/27/2011

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How would you best describe your personality? Only pick a maximum of TWO answers for more accurate results.

Time for some RP scenarios, yay. You've been invited to a movie night with your Hetalia friends and they organized this little trip just for you, it's tomorrow. How do you honestly react?

On the day, you showered and styled your hair. Finally you needed to pick out something to wear. What type of clothes will you wear for this ocassion?

Okay, so now you've gotten dressed, met up with your friends and thanked them for organizing a day out just for you. You all then have a chat to decide which type of movie to watch. What do you opt for?

Let's say you all decided to watch the horror movie. So what happens with you and your friends?

The day ended and you all had fun. A few days later you recieve a love letter delivered in your post. The love letter is anonymous and mentioned they were the one who really organized the trip, you knew it was from one of your male friends. Reactions?

I'm out of RP questions... Pick a quote that you think is most true/appealing to you.

Which of these activities do you find to be the most fun?

Just to support the personality question. Which Hetalia character do you think you relate to the most by PERSONALITY? Not your favourite character. Pick a maximum of three.

Okay, final question and I hope you liked the quiz. This is an optional one, so it's your choice if you answer or not. Pick a random song. [Or if you don't know any, just pick one with the most appealing name.]

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