Pokemon RP

A different type of quiz, I'm going to experiment with something here, please comment with tips once you've finished if you get the jist of what I'm going for C:

Created by ArceusSama on 11/30/1999

Take the Pokemon RP quiz.

There is a noise behind you suddenly- it's very loud and your pokemon are all on low health from battling! It's also late at night...

The nosie comes closer, and in a flurry of movement you are knocked to the ground- an odd-loong pokemon stands over you, it looks like a jolteon with an espeon tail and vaporeon fins at the end. It also has the rings of an umbreon.

If you picked 1 2 or 3, choose the number of the answer you chose- this is the pokemons reaction.

1 & 3 A battle ensues between you and the pokemon 2:

1 & 3 During your battle, another strange pokemon appears- this one appears to be half umbreon and half espeon- and is soaked in blood. 2: You are a safe distance, still trying to figure out what the first strange pokemon wants

1 & 3: you are currently battling or running from the espeon-umbreon 2: you are battling or following the strange looking jolteon

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