What Monster would like to eat you the most?

It's a random quiz that I gave once to my buddy Devin. It kind of makes sense! :P Very random though. Hope you enjoy~!!

Created by emofreak58 on 11/30/1999

Take the What Monster would like to eat you the most? quiz.

RP: You realize that you are dangling over a volcano full of hot bubbling lava, you...

RP: You just found out that the whole lava thing from before was just a prank TV show thing with hidden cameras. How do you react?

Where do you prefer to eat?

Favorite type of food?

Which of these are you...

Red or Blue?

RP: If you found out that you were actually the opposite sex what would you do?

RP: Your clothes suddenly turn into caramel, what do you do?

RP: You want to show off your new outfit (If you picked let it harden in the last question the you want to show off the caramel) Where so you travel to?

RP: Sad to say that your clothes melted and your wearing boring things now. what do you do now?

RP: Whatch out! Your Hippo just got washed away by waves!

RP: The Hippo is dead, What now?

RP: It turns out that it wasn't your Hippo who died! Where do you go to celebrate!?

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