~Everytime We Touch~ WWYFF: Fallen Angel, Vampire, Werewolf, Neko, or Demon? Part 9

Hey guys! This took my two tries to get out, stupid computer. Anyway, if you have time send me in some questions for the first ever EWT Q&A! :D Enjoy!

Created by LonelyJupiter on 11/30/1999

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“W-who are you?” You ask softly, your bottom lip trembling with fear. “Not important right now. But, I must say, you have a nice body.” The blonde-haired guy comments, looking you up and down. Suddenly you remember that you’re half-naked, sporting only a

You blush furiously and quickly pull on the clothes you had laid out for yourself. “What are you doing here?” You demand, anger now flooding you. “You ask a lot of questions. But don’t worry, Henry can answer all of them for you.” He says with a wink.

Suddenly, something snaps inside of you and you launch yourself at the blonde stranger. “GET…OUT!!” You screech as you push him into a wall. He sighs and wraps his hand around your mouth. “I didn’t want to have to do this the hard way, but—” He’s cut off

“Ah!” He hisses. “HELP!!” You scream at the top of your lungs, but you’re cut off a moment too late when the blonde stranger launches what seems to be an orb of darkness at you. It hits you square in the abdomen.

You sink slowly the ground, your body shocked and unable to move. You see your door fling open, and Nicholas, Ashton, and Levi rush inside. The blonde stranger asks, shocked, “Brother…what…are you doing here?” Slowly, your vision grows blurry.

CLIFFHAN—(A1-5: OH NO YOU DON’T!) Okay okay jeez o_o On with the show! BUT IT’S TWO AM, SO JUST KNOW THAT I AM RISKING MY WELLBEING FOR YOU GUYS! (A1-5: Yeahyeah whatever just get on with it!)

“Brother,” Nicholas says, a sound of surprise in his voice. “What…are you doing here?” “Just…uh…” He trails off. You utter a little cough and Ashton’s head snaps towards you. In a second, he’s beside you. “____, are you okay?” He murmurs.

“What did you do to her?” He demands. “F-fine…” You mumble, your vision going increasingly dark. “Just a dark orb to make her shut up.” The guy…Nicholas’s brother said like it was nothing. “Are you kidding? She’s a light fairy! This could kill her!”

Finally, you’re vision becomes completely dark and you pass out, falling limp in Ashton’s arms.

**GUY’S POV** “Oh, no, no, no, no. _____, can you hear me?” Ashton asks desperately. “Levi, come with me, we have to treat _____.” “Okay,” Levi nods, looking worriedly at you. Ashton swiftly picks you up bridal style, and rushes out the door with Levi,

“Jay, what in the world are you doing here? Why did you attack ____?!” Nicholas yells, using every ounce of self-control he had to not pounce on his younger brother. Jay scratched the back of his neck nervously.

“Heh, see, it’s like this. I’ve been working for…uh…Henry these days—” “YOU WHAT?!?!” “Look, Nicholas, it’s not how you think. He forced me, okay? He said he wanted the forces of a demon or whatever and would attack our family if I didn’t.” “But…_____...”

“Yeah, well, he knows she’s here and sent me over to kidnap her. I didn’t want to or anything…and I didn’t know you lived with her. What is she, your chick?” “What? I…uh…no. Anyway, look, you’re my brother and I know we have a history, but if you don’t

“That b**tard Henry will just come after me if I run away.” “Why would he find out? For all he knows, we could’ve killed you. Look, just swallow your pride and admit that you need a place to stay and you don’t want to keep working for Henry."

“Hah! No effing way, man. But whatever. If you’re offering me a place to crash for a while, I’ll take it.”

**YOUR POV** Your eyelids flutter open and you’re in your own room. You yawn as you sit up, straining to remember what happened before you passed out. “Hey, you’re awake,” Levi says softly, smiling.

“Hi,” you manage to croak. “What happened?” “Well…I can give you the basics, I guess. Nicholas’s younger brother, Jay, was forced into joining Henry’s army. Henry sent Jay out to kidnap you, but he surrendered to us when he found out that Nicholas lives

“Nicholas said that Jay could stay with us if he stopped working for Henry. So now…he’s living with us.”

“I know, it’s pretty…shocking. Ashton is really mad about the whole thing, Everett would be furious too, and I’m…I don’t know. He hurt you, so I guess I’m pretty upset too.” He says sadly. You sigh. “So, how long have I been out?”

“Two days.” “Wait…wait! Two days? And Everett’s still not back?!” “No, sorry. But he can take care of himself. He’ll come back eventually.” “But, what if he’s in trouble?”

“Everett’s tough, he can handle himself. He’ll be fine, and I’m sure in a few days he’ll come back!” Levi says with a optimistic smile. “Where do you think he is?” “He might be out in the woods, in the town, visiting friends, who really knows?”

Levi sighs. “So, are you hungry?” “Yeah, a bit,” You admit. “Okay, well come downstairs and I’ll make you some food. Jay is down there too, so you can kind of meet him…again.” “M’kay,” You yawn and smile. “You go ahead. I’ll get dressed.” Levi nods with a

You shower, brush your teeth, style your hair, do makeup, whatever, and then choose some clothes to wear. You decide on:

You nervously head downstairs and tensely walk over to the kitchen. You see Nicholas and the blonde sitting at the kitchen table, talking seriously, while Levi was cooking. You swallow and walk over hesitantly. Why are you nervous?

Aaaand, cut. What do you guys think of the new character? ;D Oh, and send me in some questions for the first ever Everytime We Touch Q&A! :D Whoop, whoop! And YES, the new guy will be featured in it!

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