Which Gazette Member is for you?

Ever wondered which member of the Gazette is most like you? Also which member of the Gazette would deffinetly date you? Well heres a quiz to tell you! (P.S Comes with a story for each member ;3)

Created by Yurakimorix3 on 11/30/1999

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Me: *coughs* Ok then welcome Miss:___, *sits down on a chair thats on a stage* Ok well here we have a curtain, behind this curtian is each member of the Gazette which includes Ruki,Uruha,Kai,Aoi, and Reita. Ok first off who do you want to get?

Me: *Runs back to chair and sits* Eh hee sorry bathroom break ^^" *clears throat* ok well this is a question from Gazette member number 3, and he asks, "if you were in a band which position would you choose?"

Me: Well anywayys, this is a question from Gazette member number 4, and he asks- ???: What words describe you best!~ Me: -__-" heyy... ???:Kukuku :3 Me: Pick at least 2 word please ^^"

Me: Ok next question and this comes from Gazette member number 1 And No it is NOT ruki-kun! >:3 (You: Evvviiiilllll!~ TT^TT) Mwahaha well anyways and he asks, "Whats your favorite Fruit."

Me: Mkayy next question and this is from Gazette member number 2, and he asks- *Gazette meber number 2 whipsers in my ear* >-> Really thats it? #2: *Nods head* well ok then well then he asks, "What is your favorite color?"

Me: OK then last question and this question is from Gazette member number 5, and he asks ... O_O "Whats the weridest dream you've ever had...?"Me: >->" This is gune be interesting -___-"

Okayyy well two more thing :3 Will you message me? ^(^-^)^

Also. . . Will you rate? :3

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