Who is your Winx Club Boyfriend? (Girls Only!)

There are so many charming gentlemen in Winx Club, so why not find out who's your magical beau! Boys included are: The Specialists, some of the cute bad guys, and a few suprises! ♥ (Cute pics coming soon~!)

Created by TheDarkQuizGirl on 09/12/2011

Take the Who is your Winx Club Boyfriend? (Girls Only!) quiz.

Okay, let's start off with the simplest question ever: What's your favorite color?

Now, what traits do you like in a guy? (Pick 2 at the most, please)

Imagine you and your dream guy were on a date. What kind of flowers would he bring you?

Okaaay, now where would he take you on a date?

Aww, on the date he gave you a gift! :D What does he give you?

Okay, date's over. How does he end it? ;P

Describe yourself in one or two words.

Ooo, here's a toughie! What kind of guy are you hoping for?

Complete the following sentence: Your boyfriend is. . .

Final question! Who's your favorite Winx Club girl?

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