Naruto party quiz. Who's gala are you going to?

Got to warn you, the result in one of them is romantic.

Created by rosepioson on 12/19/2011

Take the Naruto party quiz. Who's gala are you going to? quiz.

Lee asks you who you think should be a chunin. You answer...?

Naruto asks if you want to have a bowl of ramen with him. You say...?

Gaara and Temari walk up to you. Your reaction...?

You see NeJi and Ten-Ten... problem is, they're yelling their heads off at each other. What, if anything, do you do?

Kiba's sister is sick, his mother is out of town, the dogs at his house are stinking like pigs. He asks you to help with a dog wash. Do you help?

Sakura and Ino are shopping. Do you walk by or join them?

Shikamaru and ChoJi are going to take a walk. What do you do?

You're going to a birthday party. What do you bring to the host?

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