What color lightsaber would you have? (9 different outcomes!)

Okay, so this is my fist star wars lightsaber quiz, I hope all of you people like it! Message me please if you like it or how I can improve on it!

Created by shadowjedimaster on 05/06/2008

Take the What color lightsaber would you have? (9 different outcomes!) quiz.

(Sorry, I have to) What is your favorite color?

Choose the color of your lightsaber. The color of your ligthsaber can be a very personal decision. It is a relection of the personality of the knight or sith wielding it.

Okay, if you had a choice to become a jedi, sith or a shadow jedi (also known as grey jedi) which one would you choose?

Who do you want to become you master? Choose whisely for the master reflex on how you act and fight.

What planet would you like to visit the most, pick a couple if you would like.

If you were a sith, what would you call yourself?

I hope everyone liked this quiz, it took me the longest time to make. If you go to see all results, and see a lightsaber color that I don't have; please message me and explain the lightsabe rto me and it's powers

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