What do the Bleach Characters think of you

For girls :) This will tell you your story as a bleach character and what they'd think of you. Includes name and freinds- (im sorry ahead of time if i don't know all the characters:)

Created by Pinkpolkadot111 on 11/30/1999

Take the What do the Bleach Characters think of you quiz.

Which of these would you rather be?

What is your element/object of choice?

Which of these traits are you most like? (Only one please)

Important: what's your favorite color?! (read through all the options because there are two colors for each!)

What kind of beauty do you have or wish you had?

Role play!! You are walking to school because you are a human. What do you notice most about this morning?

Suddenly you see Ichigo, what do you do?

You walk over and say Hi. But right after you do, class starts. You head into the class room. English class starts.

Oh NO! You suddenly notice a hollow outside the window! You excuse yourself then run outside! What do you do with the Hallow?

You kill the Hallow. Then you decide to head back home because you are tired. Which path do you take home?

Okay enough of that. Who are your favourite characters? You can choose more than one

What do you want your boyfriend to be like?

Do you think your clumsy?

How old do you want to be?

Do you have a lot of friends?

Alright did you like the quiz?!

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