Do you have Asperger syndrome?

A simple test that determines if you have Asperger syndrome or not. Note: I am not a doctor and this test should be taken only as advice to seek medical evaluation by a licensed doctor if you suspect that you may have AS.

Created by sweetxxtastingxxjustice on 11/30/1999

Take the Do you have Asperger syndrome? quiz.

Do you have trouble making and keeping friends?

Do you trouble initating a conversation, maintaining a conversation, or are innapropriate in your interactions with others? i.e do people often think ur rude to them when u think you're being polite?

It is uncomfortable to look people in the eyes while they are talking to you?

Do you feel mentally/physically exhausted after interacting with other people?

Do you not care about trends, fads, or modern pop culture?

Do you have issues with understanding how another person feels unless they directly tell you so? i.e can't intuitively tell when your girlfriend is angry with you

Have others told you that you're 'weird' a 'geek or 'freak'?

Do you hate being in large crowds or heavily populated areas? i.e U shy away from cafaterias, movie theraters, and generally hate pep rallys?

Can you tolerate being touched? Like do you feel clausterphobic being hugged by others? Or do a light brush of something against you make you nuts?

Do you have hypersensitive smell, taste, vision, and hearing? Can you hear things that most people can't? Does certain sounds physically hurt your ears? Does smelling something strong make you gag? Do colors hurt your eyes?

Do you become anxious if something doesn't go as it was planned? Do you prefer sticking to a certain routine? Do you have your own way of doing things?

Do you rock back and forth? Do you flap your hands/arms? Do you spin in circles? Do make repeated body movements or sounds as a way of comforting yourself when anxious or excited? etc

Have you been told that you're selfish or self centered? or have been told 'the world doesnt revolve around you?'

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