DEAN OR SAM WINCHESTER! Which on is yours!

my first quiz please comment you suggestions for my next quiz.

Created by jensenacrazylove on 11/30/1999

Take the DEAN OR SAM WINCHESTER! Which on is yours! quiz.

You are at a bar reading an occult book when Sam and Dean Winchester walk in and sit a few seats down from you...

What now?

After that night you go hunting with them the next morning, who do you wake up with.

After you wake up they offer to take you hunting, what do you say.

You go hunting and what a surprise your going with Ghostfacers, the childish people from the show. You realize one of them is checking you out. What happens...

You get separated from the group(lol Daphne much) you run into the murderous ghost what do you do.

Okay do what ever you did failed, you are now tied to a chair and you see a lot of dead people around you. Mr. Ghost has a knife.

Sam and Dean both come in with guns blazing, who is saving you?

They both ask you if you are okay, you say....

Okay so you are back from your hunting trip and you have a few cuts from when the ghost tortured you, who is cleaning you up.

Who do you like more

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