Does my Teacher have Feelings for Me?

Been getting mixed signals and signs from my male teacher, im gonna call him mr.hottie, as his disguised name ;) So tell mahhh if ya think he likes me. Thank Ya! BTW: FEEL FREE TO MESSAGE MWAHH

Created by JinxMeBabe on 11/30/1999

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So, while he talks in class he often looks at me for a while and i stare at him back but it starts to feel weird, so i look away. He stares at me in other situations, like when i walk in, presentations, class movies,etc.

When a bunch of kids do stuff, like talking when not supposed to be, he yells at them, but i did it like a couple seconds later and he saw it but he just walked away!

He commented on how my outfit looked and said it looked good, and asked if it was different.

Mr.Hottie sometimes brings up random conversations with me like, do u have a dog, whats up? etc.

When we have to walked in assigned lines for special homeroom events,he'll always at the head of the line and just stop and wait for me to catch up to him so he walks by my side. When going down the stairs he does it too!

Lastly, When im talking to my friends about stuff, its like he listens in to our conversation, because ill be like (example) oh dragons are cool, and he will be like oh yeah i love them too! he listens in.

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