Does He Like Me?

okay, so there is this boy, that i like him, and some people tell me he likes me back, because the boy knows i like they ask him, and he tells them yes, and he says he would go out with me ...but that im too shy..and that i need to talk to him. And i know some people may be like, okay he said he likes you so why you asking....but i need your opinion still... :)

Created by looney123 on 11/30/1999

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one day, the teacher was abcent...and the boy i like went to the table i was at..and i noticed he was only there to like talk to me and to just look at me, like i said he said he wants to talk to me every chance he gets he tries to talk to me..

alot of people told him that i was talking bad about him and he got really really mad.well thats what he sayd..because like 2 days later he went up to me and tried to play basketball with me.and he kept on asking me if i was mad at him and if i hated him

i was with my friend.he was passing he hugged her and turned to look at me.i wasnt looking at him.but from the corner of my eye i did,he stared at me for like 15 seconds and i finally looked at him, and he stuck his tounge out at me and smiled

everytime i pass by him i get a feeling he wants to talk to me, he looks at me but he doesnt want to make it obvious, and then like 10 seconds later he goes up to me and like just talks to me about this good? does he REALLY wanna talk to me?

i was walking past him, he saw me about to pass he "stretched" and touched me like in my arm and this like a good sign?

everytime were in gym.he plays basketball with his friends, i play soccer, and then when i start playing he moves like right next to where im playing and plays basketball by he trying to get closer to me or dont want to play with them anymore?

alot of people told me he said he does like me but that he wants to know better and im too shy..did he mean it or wanted to be nice?

honestly do you think he likes me?

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