Who from the Varia (KHR) is your blind date?

Ignoring the fact Varia would never agree to such thing ... I hope you like the quiz :) Results are Flan, Xanxus, Belphegor and Squalo :)

Created by KHRmaniac on 11/30/1999

Take the Who from the Varia (KHR) is your blind date? quiz.

So, somehow you ended up on a blind date. How does he inform you of the date and the time when he'll pick you up?

When he comes the next day, how does he look like?

He takes you to a restaurant. How does the restaurant look like?

How is the conversation going?

He offers you something alcoholic to drink. What do you do?

Who orders?

At the stand he wins you a plushie ...

Okay, last one was random and just for my amusement. Back to being serious: You can't wait for dessert, but does he order any for himself?

While you're eating the dessert, he suddenly comments: "You'll get fat."

After the meal, he takes you ... to a book store. Your reaction?

You really wish to go to the Churaumi Aquarium. You think it'll be more romantic and peaceful, especially since it's dark and blue-ish inside. Does he grant your wish?

At the aquarium, you make a move to hold his hand. His reaction?

You have to try hard not to laugh. Why?

After you two come out of Churaumi, you shyly ask to go to karaoke. He shrugs and allows you to drag him there. No matter if you sing bad or good, you decide to give your best and sing a song for him. What kind of song do you choose?

What does he do when you finish singing?

It's time to go home ... but not your home. He takes you to his, uh, I mean, Varia's mansion. You stand at the entrance, not sure what to do. What does he say?

He leads you to his room (or do they have chambers?) and tells you to wait there while he goes downstairs to get drinks. What do you do?

What shocks you the most about his room/chamber?

He returns and gestures you to sit on the bed. Your reaction?

There you go :) End of the quiz. In results, you'll see what happens after this :) And no, no sex after only one date. Are you mad?

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