What is your partner pokemon?

Ash has Pikichu for his partner Pokemon, they suit each other perfectly. Find out who your most faithful companion would be as a Pokemon trainer. Old and new pokemon.

Created by Bobbyknobs on 11/30/1999

Take the What is your partner pokemon? quiz.

Your about to start your Pokemon journey, but your first destination is rather far away, how to you plan getting there?

On your journey you see a girl who has just lost a battle, and all her pokemon have 'fainted' but there isnt a centre to revive her pokemon for miles, what do you do?

Your at the designated town, what to do now?

Someone in the town tripped you up and nicked one of your pokemon. What do you do?

You win the gym leader and now continue your travels. Your walking in the forest when a group of Pidoves attack! What do you do ?

A trainer jumps out and challenges you to a battle, you?

You are very hungry and theres one apple left, you..?

(Away from your journey) What is your favourite colour?

2 words to describe your personality?

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