What kind of nurse are you?

What are you like? Any hidden agendas? What field are you in? The pics are rather old fashioned because I really like that vintage nurse look. ^^ This quiz is for fun, and is supposed to be based on a world sort of like Silent Hill (the games.) Enjoy! (P.S.: This is my very first quiz, so I'm open to messages of constructive criticism. Thanks ^^)

Created by WhiteMasquerade on 01/21/2012

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Let's get started, shall we? Why did you become a nurse in the first place?

What about your job appeals to you the most?

Which of these words best describes you?

What about your least favorite parts of the job?

Every nurse has a reputation. What is yours (or, what would you want yours to be)?

One of the other nurses gets you in trouble with the head nurse, potentially putting your position at risk. What do you do?

Something strange happens to the town you live in and the hospital. The town becomes dark and foggy. Patients are dying, staff members are disappearing, and towns people are missing. The hospital is covered in blood and rust. What is your reaction?

Which of these colors appeal to you the most and why?

Pick one:

Final Question. ;) It's lunch break and you finally have the opportunity to be alone. How do you spend it?

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