Does he still like me?

Okay this is going to sound really silly, but I'm always curious. Sadly, this "quiz" is for me and for you to answer. Sorry about that, I just really want answers. Thank you!

Created by DaniDetonation on 11/30/1999

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I met this guy over a year ago at a party. We stayed up all night together and that's when I fell for him. Not only was he good-looking, but he had the sweetest personality like sugar coated strawberries. I've had him in one class only, surf, and that's w

..where I got to know him a bit better. We pretty much are a like in most ways. The next year was the homecoming dance at our school and we both had arrived with no "date" but with just friends. When I first saw him, he only said "hi" and avoided eye cont (and we still do now because we're shy towards each other). Then when his friends left, he came up to me and hugged me and we spent the rest of the dance together . My close friend had 2nd hand info that he liked me and I was up high on cloud 9.

We walked a place where I could get a ride (with my friends too of course). He was talking to one of his remaining friends and I was ignoring that because I was happy. Then they were talking loudly and said something about how everyone always thought they

..were dating. I felt a little pain there. Being a bit childish, I decided to ignore him for the rest of the night and I didn't say bye when my ride came. Then he posted a facebook status when he got home saying: Had a great night, but I feel horrible

Something like that. I'm 95% sure it was about me. Then time flied, I was debating whether to ask him out or not myself because he wasn't making any real moves besides flirtatious comments and hugs. I ended up chickening and I never asked him out. Then ca

..came Thanksgiving break and he got a girlfriend. I broke down crying when I found out. Fortunately for me, that relationship only lasted two weeks because of their bad communication. My friends started to hate him because he chose the "wrong girl." Then

..about a month later, he invited me to hang with him and his friends. I already had plans with my friends so I chose them over him. At the end of that day, he had gotten another girlfriend. I wasn't as heart broken this time because I thought this relati

..relationship would be as short as his last. We didn't change much though. We'd still occasionally hug and always text each other. So then summer came months later. He was still in a relationship with that girl. One day, his girlfriend texted me with his

phone. I didn't get the message until the next day, but I was scared so much. He just told me he didn't know why his girlfriend texted me and life went on. Then he invited me to another hang out. I went and surprisingly his gf wasn't there. In fact I was

the ONLY girl there. It made me happy. That day was kind of fun too. Except I didn't talk to him really and he wouldn't make eye contact with me. So I was hanging and and chilling with his friend's friend more than him. That night I found out that his fri

best friend had a crush on me. When the night ended and I left, he was texting me all night. He was apologizing for being shy and saying things like: "I'm always like this in front of cute people." "This always has been apart of me and I wish I could chan

..change." It really upset me because he was saying some things at the wrong moment, since he has a girlfriend and all and I've been waiting forever. So I was crying all night and I never told him. I couldn't fall asleep because I had insomnia at the time

I told him that and he said he would stay up with me, which was sweet. He was giving me tips on how to fall asleep and sadly I actually got over my insomnia and fell asleep on him. I give him credit for "curing" my insomnia because I've hadn't had it sinc

..since that night. The next morning/afternoon, he texted me to check up on me. (It turned out that his friend's friend wasn't such a good guy after all). He told me that he didn't want me to get hurt. It sounded much nicer now now that I wasn't crying. L

Later in August I invited him to my birthday party. We barely talked at all. Then two days later came school again and his girlfriend started giving evil eye daggers. She added me on facebook the same day she was giving me daggers. It really really scared

me. I wasn't sure if she was going to yell or beat me. He started to leave me hanging in text messages (which is weird because we would usually text until we went to bed). So I decided to back off and ignore him "until he talks to me first or until he not

..notices something wrong." Really, we hadn't talked for two months then I accidentally made eye contact with him and he waved hi. The hugs and talking stopped. He and his gf are practically inseparable now. He texted me merry christmas once. I wanted to

at least text him again and our conversation was really really short. Then more time flew. I texted him once more and it was almost normal (like it used to be). He basically blew me off though by saying that "we don't mix because we're both shy." It tore insides apart. The rest of the conversation was normal, except he left me hanging at night and didn't say good night like he used to. (Side note: at of all the times he talked to me, he's NEVER mentioned his girlfriend to me. He's talked about the th

..things he's done with her, but not mentioning her at all. Like he's done those things by himself). Three days later it was he and his girlfriend's one year anniversary. It was a horrible day for me in general, but not really because of them. Now a few d

days ago, his girlfriend wasn't at school, he was hanging with one of his friends in the spot where his gf hangs out (which has unfortunately always been twenty feet from mine, so I always see them make out...). When the end of lunch bell rang, I swear I

heard his friend shout "Hey __! I think you forgot something!" and I swear I heard him shush him and say: "No!" So he and I ended up walking in the same direction to class, but he didn't bother to come up and talk to me, he was like ten feet behind me. So

I know he saw me and I'm sure he was talking about me. Now we're caught up with the present and I'm wondering. (tbh, I'm sure he doesn't, but I always keep asking myself if he does still like me).

So in your HONEST opinion, do you think he still likes me? (THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR PUTTING UP WITH ME). If you want, please message me advice or anything? Thanks!

This one is a derp box. just answer and ignore this.

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