❋ ℰmвrαcíng ℋeтalιa ₳cadeмy WWYFF: 4 ❋

The same love interests, and the song in England's results is Something in your Mouth by Nickleback. I'm not changing the love interests, that's just for general use in the future. The results are a little perverse, so yeah.

Created by jimmyjamms on 11/30/1999

Take the ❋ ℰmвrαcíng ℋeтalιa ₳cadeмy WWYFF: 4 ❋ quiz.

The red head crouched down in front of you and poked your nose. “Eh? ‘t tha’ ‘t? You’re th’ un’ tha’ asks ta? Waste ‘f time. G’night, ye ‘et off this time. Oh on this condition aye? ‘ere, a sparkly collar fo’ Artie.” Staring at the retreating figure you b

Calming down, you glanced at the collar. It was…?

mirking at the thought of the [colour] collar around his neck, you made your way back to your dormitory. Unlocking the door and walking past your room mates, you collapsed on your bed, snoring at the fluffy contact.

“Almost have her…” Waking with a start, you backed away into the corner of your bed. An ash blonde was staring at you childishly, a dog collar in his hands. Mistaking him momentarily for Prussia you threw the pillow at him. Until the man removed the pillo

“Oh, what a pity. Let’s go Lithuania.” He got up and began to leave the room, dropping the collar. “WAIT!” You yelled, grabbing the longs scarf around his neck. “No time, I’ll have you later.” An uncomfortable feeling consumed you. He wrenched your hand a

The tick of the room’s clock knocked you out of your contemplation. You were an hour late! The boys forgot to give you a time table! Grabbing the discarded collar, you raced out the room. You stared at all the possible doors and mentally slapped yourself.

You noticed a student loitering down the halls, jumping along the window panes and swinging around the pillars supporting the school. His dirty blonde hair was styled in stiff spikes, blue eyes wandering around the room. He seemed familiar. “YOU!” He yell

Running towards you, he tackled you to the ground and grabbed your face. “You got me in trouble last night! I didn’t start it, you did!” He pulled back his hand and curled it into a fist. He thrusted it forward, but paused just before your face. “I can’t

He smiled at your action and got off of you muttering about being weak. The dog collar (Not England’s!) caught your attention in your hands, and the boy’s back was to you. Do you dare?

Whatever you said, you began to crawl up behind him before fastening it tightly and backing away. His body froze and he gazed down at his neck, turning red. He began to scream and tried to pry it off, before collapsing on the ground, his face in pain.

“…You [Censored]! I’m no one’s territory! Denmark is too good for that! Imagine what Norway will say…” “Norway’s my roommate!” You stated, ignoring his disputes. “Really!? That’s wonderful! I like you a LITTLE bit more. Besides the whole claiming me as yo

“I’m not mean!” You argued, patting his head. He squinted at you before standing up. “Ugh, I better get back to class and get the embarrassment over and done with.” “W-Wait!” You said, grabbing his sweater. “Where do I go now?” “Check the notice board, al

You finally found the time table and you gazed at it blankly before finding your name. “So I have Public Practices then Medical Care…” “I got those classes next too.” Shocked, you backed into the time table and bashed your arm. Poland was standing in fron

“Well, I better get moving then.” You stated, pushing past the jittery nation. “I’ll come too! In Public Practices we are dancing!”

“Dancing?” “Yeah! Come on, we’ll be late!” ~~~~ The ballroom was full of talking nations, and Scotland was there, smiling when you entered “Pick ye dancin’ partner, love.” What student caught your eye? The…

That’s all for now, this one was definitely longer I think. Please message and rate :3

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