WWYFF The Music of The Night

:D * snuggles Argos * It's been to long, my dear.

Created by geekygirlfromgreece on 11/30/1999

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Aldrick immediatly jumps up and runs down stairs, followed by a wide eyed Bren. You brace yourself for the worst, but a little while later, you hear Aldrick utter a pleasant '' Oh! '' Argos raises an eyebrow and murmurs to himself, then rises and leaves.

You hesitate, then get up and follow him, leaving Arvel to guard the prisoners by himself, because you have no idea where Ares and Apollo are.

When you get to the kitchen, you see a young girl, probably about fourteen or fifteen, with glossy black ringlets in a ponytail, and sky blue eyes. She has a quiver over her back, filled with arrows, and a black wolf at her feet.

Aldrick turns to you and smiles a bit. '' ____, meet Artemis. '' Artemis nods sharply at you, then turns back to Aldrick. '' Sorry for breaking that plate. '' She gestures to a broken plate on the ground.

'' And really, Aldrick, you should keep the door locked. Someone could break in. '' Here an impish smile crawls across her face. Aldrick rolls his eyes. '' Funny. '' Artemis clears her throat. '' Now, I'd like to make an offer. ''

Aldrick raises an eyebrow. '' Go on.. '' '' Well... I'll take your prisoners. I assure that neither will be harmed. '' Aldrick doesnt even contemplate it. '' Deal. '' They shake hands, Artemis goes up to retrieve the girls, and with a flash, she's gone.

Bren runs upstairs, then yells, '' Hey! The beds look like normal beds! But I have Argos' old one! '' '' Oh thank you, I was getting tired of sleeping in that, '' Argos mumbles, leaning against the island. You yawn, your energy drained, and head somewhere

to rest. Where?

Sorry it sucked, it'll get more exciting, I promise! But hey, I hope the results at least somewhat make up for it. K, bye!!!

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