Valentine's Day Dating Special! ♥

Spread the loooove!! 'm not that big of a Valentine's Day fan (*cough* still single *cough*) xD Still, I thought I would try to cheer up your (maybe lonely too) Valentine's Days by writing a super special Valentine's Day dating thingy. This will not involve guys from any of my wwyff's, so be surprised! =D (I will try to avoid stereotypes, or maybe not 8D)

Created by zottekke9 on 11/30/1999

Take the Valentine's Day Dating Special! ♥ quiz.

-WARNING: THIS QUIZ CAN BE SEEN AS EXTREMELY CHEESY, READ AT OWN RISK- So as always, your name shall be represented as __. You are whatever age you want to be, and your school has organized a special Valentine dating service for loners like you and me.

You must fill out a form, press submit and then you will be matched to a boy. The two of you can then go on a date and love each other forever and ever and ever! 8D Now let's roll X3. First things first, favorite color?

What are qualities you look for in a guy? (Tick like, 4 or something? xD)

Now to the appearance of your dream guy, what color should his hair be? =D

And what about his eyes?

Roleplaying time. Let's say it's Valentine's Day, what could he do to completely win your heart?

Which nicknames a guy could have for you do you like the most out of the following? =)

The perfect place for a first date according to you is?

What is the worse thing your boyfriend could do to you?

You can't stand guys who are?

Not a lot of questions, mainly because I ran out of inspiration. But guess what? I have matched you to a wonderful guy! And look at that! Strangely, all guys from your school are super hot! Isn't that just great? >:3

Now press submit to see your dude and read about your first date (Awww). I hope you like it! X3 Enjoy!

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