Dreamer of Prospit or Derse?

When you sleep, where does your dreamself then wake? Is it to the golden halls shared by prospitarians, or is it the darkened violet towers of derse that you see? Why not explore yourself a little, finding out who you are can be as simple as answering a few questions.

Created by deadlyDelusions on 11/30/1999

Take the Dreamer of Prospit or Derse? quiz.

Your dreams are almost always vivid.

You dream in bright color...

Your mind is most active... (approximately)

You tend to be very deliberate, your actions are less often spontaneous.

You'd rather not have guidelines when it comes to just about anything.

Things you do have a certain elegance or rhythm to them, whether or not they are generally accepted.

You have a hard time making concise decisions.

You enjoy exploiting a wide vocabulary.

You have conflicted feelings about your life or who you are, and this is sometimes portrayed in your dreams.

You tend to protect those important to you from a distance.

Things happen to you for reasons frequently out of your control.

You rarely question yourself or others.

Before you go to sleep, what do you think about?

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