who would fall for you? neko, vampire, werewolf, or elf (girls only) part 66

Here are the pictures for Chalice and Caroline: Chalice (Imagine a female version)- http://media.photobucket.com/image/black winged demon/iammemeisme/RP/Unused/Guy/DarkKnight.jpg?o=6 Caroline- http://media.photobucket.com/image/cute brown haired anime girl/numbaonegoalie/Pics/AnimeGirl2.jpg?o=8

Created by XdeeperxthanxdifferentX on 11/30/1999

Take the who would fall for you? neko, vampire, werewolf, or elf (girls only) part 66 quiz.

-recap- Chalice and you were walking home after training. –end of recap- READ THE MEMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The next morning you woke up in your bed to find a very large wolf curled around you. “Inu-chan move over,” you grumbled as you tried to get out of her furry cocoon.

Suddenly the door flew open. “RISE AND SHINE SLEEPING BEAUTY!” Aiden yelled as you nuzzled Inu-chan’s fur and tried to go back to sleep.

“Come on, _____, you have a big training day ahead of you,” Aiden whined as you ignored him and Inu-chan growled irritably.

He smirked. “If you won’t get up willingly…” Suddenly you were snatched out of your bed and being tickled ruthlessly on the floor. “Aiden, stop!” you exclaimed through a fit of giggles as Inu-chan lazily rolled over and Aiden’s fingers continued

to dance across your belly.

Suddenly the door flew open and a voice exclaimed, “GOOD MORNING _____!” You and Aiden both froze as you realized what position you were in. Aiden was crouched over you, straddling your hips, with his hands pressed against your lower stomach. You

were grasping desperately at his hands and had shouted ‘stop’.

Alex slowly stepped through the doorway and cracked his knuckles menacingly. His eyes blazed with fury as Aiden desperately tried to explain, “She wouldn’t get up so I was tickling her! Inu-chan would’ve reacted if I was attempting to-” Alex quickly

pounced on the misconstrued werewolf, and you ran into the kitchen to get Seth.

“Seth! Alex and Aiden are-” you began as Seth picked up a frying pan and interrupted with, “I’m on it.” You noticed Leo drowsily skimming the pantry for cereal in his pajama pants. He stretched and grunted as his shirt revealed a small section of his

lower stomach. You decided to join him and grabbed a bowl of cereal as you two waited for Seth to return. Which cereal did you pick?

After about thirty minutes, a loud noise startled you as Chalice burst through the front door. “_____! Come on, we need to train!” she shouted as you rushed towards the living room to meet her. You looked down at your pajamas.

Chalice looked bored as she stated, “That’ll do. Let’s go,” and pulled you out the door.

*fast-forward* You and Chalice arrived at the base of the hidden Crescent Falls in less than half an hour. It was buried deep within the forest and seemed to be the perfect place to learn how to bend water. She instructed you to change into your

mother's warring dress under an oversized jacket and murmured, “Follow my lead,” as she lifted a small section of water out of the stream and curled it around her shoulders before letting it fall back into the brook. She gestured for you to replicate the


You carefully stepped into the water and watched in confusion as Chalice relaxed and stretched out on a large bolder. “Are you going to sleep?” You asked incredulously. “Yeah, this is probably going to take a while,” she yawned as you grumbled quietly

and went to work. Your eyes closed as you began to concentrate.

Your body had a magnetic effect on the water as you focused and felt a surge of liquid rise and balance around your shoulders. Just as you attempted to move it in front of you, the water became heavy and slipped out of balance and back into the water.

*twenty failed-attempts later* You clenched your fists in frustration as the ball of water splashed into the pool. “Dammit!” you yelled. Suddenly, an idea popped into your head. You slowly moved your right foot forward and felt the water pulsate

against your hands as you lifted it into the air again. A faint vibration spread through the water as it slowly wrapped around your waist and arms. You closed your eyes and began a series of methodical and elegant movements in the

pool, envisioning what you wanted the water to do. An overwhelming peace washed over you as your mind became blank with focus and relaxation. It wove around you and did exactly what you wanted. It felt as if the current was washing

over your skin as your dress moved softly within the steps. You were suddenly grateful that your mom left you these clothes to fight in. The dress allowed for ease of movement and the white fabric glowed under the dim light.

END OF QUIZ 66. Which is your favorite marsupial out of the ones listed? :3

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