Death Note RP - Where Shinigamis Eat Apples Pt. 5

AAAAhhh here it is. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry! Hope you still enjoy~

Created by JiyumeAi on 03/13/2012

Take the Death Note RP - Where Shinigamis Eat Apples Pt. 5 quiz.

I know, I know..

Alright no Recap this time around, but this is the current occasion: You are in the Police Station, convinced that you won't let anyone come near you. Matsui and Misa are trying to convince you that it's necessary.

"But Arisu-san-" "Arisu, Arisu, gah I can't work with the Japanese suffixes!" "Arisu, we need to be sure that it wasn't this kind of crime." "I can tell you now Matsui-san. I-" "I thought you can't work with the suffixes?"

So, back to the explanation. "I would notice that, probably because I wouldn't be able to work. Then, I'm fully dressed, so I'm alright too. Who would bother to dress you again and leave you in the park after .. raping.. a person?" You asked.

Matsui hesistated with his answer. "Of course.. but.." "No 'but'. Also, I would have bruises at wrists or my neck maybe if it happened. I can't see any. You?" "No Arisu." Matsui said truthfully.

You sighed in relief. "So do you believe me that I wasn't raped for sure." "Well not for sure." A police man piped in. "But I think if you really are so against it, and with these arguments.. Can you remember a fight?" "No." You answered.

You realized that this wouldn't bring you anywhere. The police wouldn't be able to help you at all. Something supernatural happened and you probably didn't even exist in this world.. until now.. If this really was another world.

But then there was something supernatural that you knew of this world. They brought death, but maybe also help. Shinigamis. And to get to a Shinigami, you needed to get to-

Alright then~ That was it for today~ HOpe you enjoyed ^^

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