WWYFF: Not Your Everyday Vampires {4}

Shoutouts to micheald123 & jiinx097!

Created by pixiestix33 on 03/17/2012

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You quickly turn around & the first thing you see is some lady with Jose in her arms, her fangs inches away from his neck. "Get away from him!" you shout to her.

She looks up to you, as if she didnt even know you were there. "What?! Why aren't you & your little friends frozen like the rest of these little humans? Wait. You're a vampire too aren't you?"

"Yeah. I am. And if you dont get away from him right now, you're going to regret it." "Oh really?" she says. She throws Jose behind her & ties him up with vines. "Let's see you make me regret it then." she says with an evil smile.

She comes at you, full speed with a strange type of leaves in her hand. Once, she's inches away from you, you engulf her in flames & she lands next to Jose. She staggers to get up.

You wait for her to come at you again, but instead, she Grabs Jose's hand. You're about to lunge towards her, but then, she sniffs the air & races toward Jesus, she grabs him, then takes off.

You quickly untie Jose & immediatly go after them. Both of your & Jesus's minds are linked since he's 1 of your apprentices, so you know where he is at all times. You stop at a log cabin.

You look inside from one of the windows. You see that Jesus is tied up & the lady is in another room. You don't want her to notice you, so you turn into a spider.

You crawl in through the windo & go next to Jesus & turn back into yourself. Jesus is asleep when you find him so you pick him up & head to your house.

You lay him on your bed & you go back to school. Fiel is the first one to see you & gives you a bear hug. The rest of them join in for a group hug.

The rest of the day goes by smoothly, & then a guy you know who's name was Mark,comes towards you. "Hey ____, so uh, will you go out with me?"

"Um sorry i'm going out with Jose." "Oh. Ok." he says then walks away. Youget home & Jesus is still asleep. "Apparently Ashley didnt notice him.' you think to yourself relived. You also realize that you need to do something to keep your friends safe.

It gets late so you lie down next to Jesus. You smile at how cute he is. The next day: You wake up to birds chirping. "___?" You look up & you see that Jesus looks different. Then, it hits you.

"Oh no." "What?" "You're a vampire." You say, almost in a whisper. So that's it for this time! Please message &/or rate!

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