Divergent Test

This test is given to apprentices who just had their Half Birthday, to Factionless cats who want to join a clan, or to people who are creating a cat to join The Divergent with.This test can also be used for fun!

Created by wildhorses12 on 11/30/1999

Take the Divergent Test quiz.

What color pelt does your cat have?

What strength does your cat have?

What is a weakness your cat has?

What climate does your cat prefer to live in?

What skill is your cat good at?

You are out on patrol with a few warriors and the deputy. You haven't gone far when you spot a large group of horses and their riders on the trail close to you. What do you do?

You are out hunting when you spot a stranger in your territory. They are standing their ground, but they do not look aggressive. What do you do?

You have just come back from a brutal battle with a large group of your clan-mates. Many are seriously injured. You, on the other hand, have minor wounds. What do you do?

You are out exploring with a few friends when you come across a large herd of elk. There is no hiding, for they have already seen you and are now staring. What do you do?

You are at your first Gathering. You barely know anyone in your clan and you definitely don't know anyone else around. What do you do?

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