Uncontrollable Thinking Part 2 (a wwyff/wwffy)

Hello! Back for a second one :) I hope you few readers are enjoying :) I'd still love to hear feedback! I hope you don't need a recap o.o Another shout-out to AssassinsApprentice (if you haven't go check her stuff out!)!! She inspired a specific line in this :P

Created by TwistedLittleThings on 11/30/1999

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“___?” A deep voice says, snapping you out of your trance.

You whipped your head over to the voice, “Lance?” You replied, you saw the familiar ash brunette that had walked you close-to-home last night. On the walk you both had exchanged names, on a first name basis, “What are you /doing/ here?” He said, almost

You were pulled back to reality as you noticed people filling into the apartment all around you.

“What?” You said addressing the people. “Did you have anything to do with this?” Lance questioned you while eyeing you suspiciously “What?!” Your voice regaining emotion, primarily shock “No!” You shouted, almost offended by the accusations

He shook his head, “I didn’t’ think so” He scratched his stubble, he must of forgotten to shave this morning, “I’d have to check with the coroner or forensics, but I think you were with me when this happened”

A passing female forensics inspector gave him an aggravated look then shook her head at him, as he finished the his ‘with me’ statement. He started to glare but then just rolled his eyes looking back to you. “/Do/ you know anything about this/” He asked

You opened your mouth, but then quickly shut it again shaking your head, deciding it wasn’t good to sound crazy to anyone who has anything to do with homicide. “____…?” He said eyeing you for information. He had a good investigation cop-look going

You stayed strong, “No” You said simply shaking your head. He shook his took, as if he was sorry or upset about the fact you didn’t have any answers.

He rubbed his face before pulling out a card and handing it to you, after looking it over. “Here, it has my work and personal numbers on it. If you think of /any/thing, please call” He said before walking into the room-well crime scene.

You stared at the card for a moment longer before flipping it in your fingers as you walked out. Gracie was hanging over the trashcan she once tipped over. Horrendous sounds echoed out from it.

She hung her head in the container as you neared and her vomiting subsided. “If you tip that over, now, I’m not cleaning it up” you joked, trying to make her feel better. She slowly leaned her head out, looking up at you, through miserable eyes “How can

And your slight smile disappeared. You shook of the feeling creeping over you “Um, I need some air” you say and start towards the exit. Getting outside you realize it’s turned to a light sprinkle, and the sun was poking out behind some clouds

A man ran into you, pulling you away form your sky-watching “Excuse me” he said lowly, as he tried to move away from you. “Hey!” you yelped, looking him over, he was tall much taller than you.

He had dark hair, his eyes were a crystalline blue, very different from Lance’s gold flecked hazel ones. Though you only got a look before he turned away. You glared at his rudeness, and before you could control yourself you grabbed his arm. Being careful

As he turned, you noticed he also had quite a few rings, and chains. You couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow. He was lean, like a runner. ‘Or in this case a thief‘, you thought as you noticed Lance’s card was no longer in your pocket…or your phone

The man stopped, holding his head somewhat high, while eyeing you. You kept hold of his arm, though you knew-especially from holding his muscular arm-he could definitely pull away.

You sighed, holding out your hand, “I just want my phone and the card” You sighed again as his expression changed, “You can keep whatever cash you took. I think it was like 45 bucks”

He continued to eye you, cautiously before he pulled out your phone and handed it to you, a smirk appearing on his lips. He flipped the card out between his fingers, but before you could grab it he took it back, looking it over, “A cop-eh?” He said making

You snatched back the card, you had to practically hop, but you got it, you glared, “It’s not like that. It’s for a murder” you drew out the word ‘murder’ And the thief’s eyes lit up, more in curiosity then interest. “In there?” He pointed

You then add, "Do you know anything?” “No, but I can see the tape form here” He said as a gurney rolled out and you could hear another heave from Gracie. You both had to step aside, “Were you involved?” He asked,“Because my cousin’s a ‘psychic’” he said,

Your mind revved up, you didn’t exactly do the whole going to a psychic thing but maybe it’d explain that dream. A chill went down your spine. You looked back at the man who tried to rob you. He was staring at you waiting for a reply. “Um, I mean-it’s

He looks at you with shock for a second before regaining composure, he listed the address of his cousin. And since you were lacking a pin you typed it into you phone. He left right after, as he made it into the now ambulance-chaser infested streets. Once

And as you checked you pockets Lance’s number was gone.

You turned around to go back inside but a policewoman blocked you, saying you didn’t have clearance to go back inside. You protested, explaining everything several times. She just crossed her arms and rolled her eyes, shooing you off.

Thankfully Gracie came out soon after with Lance and another man, he was darker in skin and had close-cut pitch black hair. They seemed to be trying to calm her squeamish nerves. She saw you and smiled “____”

“You didn’t tell me you’ve met Detective Atlas before” “oh… yeah, well-” “It’s okay, ____. I’m just teasing. He said he gave you his number incase we needed him?” “Yeahhh….I kind of lost that already” You said, apologetically He flicked out another, “Try

“Hey, Lance, I have to follow the body, we’ll catch up at the lab” Lance nodded and the other man took off, but not before he nodded towards Gracie and winked at you. You could see Gracie watching his backside leave

You safely tucked Lance’s card away, looking at him “So?” “’So‘, what?” He replied “/So/, when did that woman die?” “Oh” He said realization hitting him, “As I suspected, you were in the park when it happened” You nodded, telling yourself it was just a

He looked you over, “you okay?” “Yeah…just uh…backlash from the whole dead-person thing” you lied “Don’t remind me” Gracie groaned

Lance nodded slowly, “Okay…well I have work to do” He stated, nodding a goodbye to both girls before leaving “Gracie-” you quickly said, once he left, drawing her attention, “We have to go see a psychic downtown” “What?” she said confused. As if

“d*mn” you started “It’s closed” Gracie finished You sighed ‘oh well’, you thought, ‘I was probably overreacting anyway…I’m sure this happens to everyone…’ “Hey, ____?” Gracie said jogging you back to reality, “you okay? You’re kind of zoned out”

“oh yeah. Sorry” You sigh looking around “Well where should we go now?” “I don’t know, Gracie…I might just head off now. It’s been a long day” You sigh, looking away to spare yourself from Gracie’s sad pout. You look back, “Do you want me to remind you of

You laughed a little, at her expense, hugging her before heading off. She said goodbye and told you to be safe.You promised and told her to be careful and before no time you were out of sight. The clouds were playing hide’n’seek with the sun, and the rain

You found yourself wandering down empty sidewalks, past tiny street-shops. You were alone with your many thoughts when an echoing scream came from down an alley. At first you thought it was your own thoughts until birds fluttered away, also startled by

You froze, looking around the streets for other pedestrians. The only few were either too far, or maybe just unphased. They continued to move about like nothing happened. You turned your attention to the alley once again. The sun, now peeking through a

You didn’t see anything..you slowly crept forward, keeping alert. You snuck through the alley, keeping your body light, somewhat hunched over to keep yourself noiseless. You made it to the opposite mouth of the alley. It opened into three other alley

You checked the alley in front of you, then to your left, then turned your body to look right, something glinted on the pavement. You neared, when a shadow casted over the tinted liquid and a searing pain jolted through your body.Radiation from your head,

You’d fallen onto your stomach, you felt weak but you pulled your arms out in front of you to pull yourself away from the ominous figure. Your hands were moist, you looked down and they were dampened by a red liquid.

Well that was looong!! I hope you all liked it! I'd love to know if you guys like longer entries or shorter ones? I'd also love to hear what you think :) Bad or good! Rating and messaging is always appreciated! I hope you enjoyed!

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