What poem would describe you perfectly? (11 results!)

Ok, this is about my own poems, but calling it which-one-of-my-poems-are-you? sounds kinda weird. A) because everybody does that and B) because you can't really be a poem. Most of my poems are kinda dark and about no one in particular. They're mostly about girls, because I am one. If you want to know more about them, just use the link in the results, I usually give background info on my poems. You can also message me if you want. Please rate them and this quiz and read the other poems that aren't in here. T

Created by Koei-woman on 05/13/2008

Take the What poem would describe you perfectly? (11 results!) quiz.

(MEMO!) How do you feel right now?

In a group of people you consider yourself to be...?

Please pick some words that appeal to you most or which you find more important in life.

Which sentence out of these could be yours?

What would you never allow to happen?

Do you want a long or a short poem? (effects results a wee little bit)

If you liked it, please put me on your watchlist, I put out new stuff every week.

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