What would Ciel Phantomhive think about you... Girls Only!

The title already explains it all doesnt it! Well, this is my second quiz so again, please go easy on me. I know my first quiz was bad so I'll try to make this one better. I have to warn you though, do not be sad about what Ciel says, this is all bacause of his overly truthful nature so don't take it to heart! Again, I thank anyone who takes this quiz!

Created by Marryvessa3103 on 04/14/2012

Take the What would Ciel Phantomhive think about you... Girls Only! quiz.

Did'ya read the memo??? (DO NOT ANSWER THIS QUESTION)

Alright.... *Takes deep breath and hides behind Sebastian and Ciel* W-W-What is your favourite colour??? >_

What do you usually do on your spare time?

RP time!!!

If you are also a British Noble like Ciel, what is your top priority?

(Still RP) Ok so, you were walking along the road when suddenly a cart, out of control, speeds at you. You panic and freeze there when suddenly, Ciel save you and lands on top of you saying " Watch where you're walking!" (Ciel: What?!) What do you do?

If you met Ciel while out in town one day, what's your first action?

Ok, this is the last question...What is your personality? Choose one best fitting.Be truthful!

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