Which Anime character are you most similar too?

This is my first quiz so go easy on my...the results will all be very different and is not to say that there are not other characters similar to you...it's just that the ones I chose have all very different personalities in my opinion and are good representations of who you may be similar too based on your answers...have fun!

Created by SinclaireOfDespair on 11/30/1999

Take the Which Anime character are you most similar too? quiz.

What do you think of the current state of the world?

If you were in a classroom...how would you be acting during the teachers lesson?

You see a woman get mugged and beaten by a known murderer...the murderer runs off and the woman calls to you for help before passing out...what do you do?

I wont say "what do you do in your free time" because only some of the answers fit...but rather i'll say...What do you WISH you had the ability to do in your free time?

What word best describes you most of the time?...if none then leave blank...or just pick your favorite

Considering the fact that all the result are anime Dudes...and I guess I kinda directed this quiz for guys...i'm gonna say...some really cute chick comes up to you and tells you she loves you...what are your first thoughts?

When faced with a problem how do you deal with it?

You get a poor grade on a test at school. your parents confront you about it...what do you wish you could say to them?

Which group of friends listed below seems most like your group of friends?...or if none of them are similar...what group would you really like to have?

How did you feel about this quiz?....this question is actually kind of relevant...I guess....sort of...not really

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