What do the the Hetalia characters think of you?

HA! I made a unique title! But it's still the same concept. What do the Hetalia characters think of you? Take this quiz to find out~ I'm going to use their human names in the questions, alright? And before you get mad at me, I know I forgot Vash and Lili in the results. I'm sorry. And, some of the results are missing, but most are here, so go ahead and take it! HETALIA DOES NOT BELONG TO ME

Created by SushiAttack123 on 04/19/2012

Take the What do the the Hetalia characters think of you? quiz.

Why, hello there! I'm Ruru, also known as Sicily, and I will be hosting this little 'questionnaire' ! So without any further ado, what is the best color out of the following?

Now, we shall take some questions from the 'audience'. "What kind of food do you like?"

I see. Well, "What is your favorite pastime out of the following?"

"What is your personality like?" Oh that's a new one! *sarcasm*

Now that we know what you act like, what do you look like? Be honest, please!

I see. Now for some role-play, alright?

Feliciano just hugged you! But, OH-NO! His curl has gotten stuck in your hair! What do you do?

The BTT is at it again. You're cornered in a hallway, and see no means of escape. What do you do?

Oh no! Vash has caught you trespassing on his lawn! And now he's trying to shoot you! What do you do to get him to stop?

Hmmm. Heracles and Francis have decided to host the Olympics. But how they were before. And Francis wants you to be a contestant. Reaction?

Matthew is sitting in a world meeting, his hand raised politely to contribute to the conversation, but no one notices him. Do you help?

Alfred is sad. The McDonalds near his house closed down. Do you cheer him up?

Arthur wants people to sit in Busby's chair! What do you say to him?

Enough with the role-play! Pick a song!

Okay. Be honest here. What characters do you absolutely LOVE?

Who's cuter?

Who's better?

Who is your best friend? I want to know!

Coke or Pepsi?

Sorry, the last question was quite random, don't you think? I apologize for that! Anyway, pick a color combo!

Well, these questions are coming to an end. What did you think of this, huh?

Well then! This is the end! I hope you liked it! Bye!

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