Warrior Cats personality quiz

Results provide name, clan, position, picture, and personality and background information. For best results do not look up answers and consider each question carefully. Enjoy! (Not for people taking the evil approach) NOTE: THIS QUIZ IS ONLY A DRAFT. The only cats are Shadowclan, though this will be revised and expanded in the future. 19 questions, 13 cats, and adding.

Created by wstrey on 05/03/2012

Take the Warrior Cats personality quiz quiz.

Which traits describe you? Choose as many as you want.

What is your strongest skill/attribute out of the options?

What about you helps the clan the most?

*You are either in Shadowclan or Thunderclan for this RPG* The forest is on fire! What is your first thought?

*You are in Shadowclan for this RPG* Riverclan has attacked a border patrol! What do you do?

You are hunting alone and hear some unknown cats in the trees ahead. What do you do?

What is your battle strategy? (Assuming it is night time, and that there are water, trees, and moorland)

Who would you save if you had to choose?

What position would you most like to have? (Yes, I know that there are two choices for leader. Pick one at random if you wish, they lead to different cats so..)

What clan would you most want to belong to?

What do you think is the best remedy for a broken bone? (Cheating on this is not advised)

Which of the combinations below should be applied in the case of aching joints?

You have gone to Starclan. What is your reaction?

There is a kit caught in a fox trap, though it is in another clan's territory. What do you do?

The camp has been attacked! The leader is out hunting, and the deputy was just killed. What do you do?

Do you play Minecraft? (sorry, just had to ask that) ^.^

What kind of traits do you like in a person? (select as many as needed)

What gender are you? (Please check all the options for your gender. I know it is weird, but please don't comment on this.)

What do you think of the other clans?

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