Why are you scared of falling in love?

Yet again, girls only please?

Created by NCISprincess on 11/30/1999

Take the Why are you scared of falling in love? quiz.

You've just broken up with your partner. Why?

Your new boyfriend sits with you in your extra-curricular maths class. What's it like?

Your ex is now your study partner for a project. What's your reaction?

It's late one night in your college library whilst the pair of you are studying. Your eyes meet, and suddenly you are locked in a passionate kiss. You break apart. What happens then/what is your reaction?

Life goes on but you can't forget the kiss! Class rolls by and it's time for the presentation. Is it awkward?

It's a few days later and you're sat reading when your boyfriend storms over. He angrily confronts you- he knows! Someone told him! What do you do to get out of it?

You and your friend are arguing. She accuses you of being too cowardly to fall in love, unlike her. What is your response?

She tells you that love is amazing. What do you say in return?

The two of you make-up and go for ice-cream. Whilst there, you see your former crush Harry. You really liked him, before he move away. He comes over to say hi. What is your greeting?

You talk for a while. Then suddenly, he asks you out. What is your first reaction.

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