What do the Naruto characters think of you?

Konnichi-wa mina-san! This is my first quiz. I was originally going to post a "Would you be accepted into the Akatsuki?" quiz, but it didn't save. So I decided to do this instead! I might do one of those in the future, though, you never know. Just so you know, this is set during Shippuden. Sasuke's left the village. Includes personality, keywords, and opinions from all the "major" Konohagakure nin, the Sannin, and Akatsuki. I hope you enjoy. =) Incomplete, sorry about that. I got tired. XD

Created by ainoarashi on 05/13/2012

Take the What do the Naruto characters think of you? quiz.

What is your favorite color?

Which of these flowers do you feel most drawn to?

Describe your personality in three words or more.

Which of these words appeal to you the most?

Which of these animals to you feel you relate to the most?

Roleplay Time! If you were asked to participate in a certain event that went against your beliefs, would you do it? If the lives of your friends and family were at risk?

What would you look for in a significant other?

Finish the following sentence: The most important thing in life is ________.

Do you prefer to work by yourself or in a group?

Quick! What is the third word in the Preamble? No cheating!

Last question! Did you enjoy the quiz?

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