Girls Only: O_O Mobius is REAL! (Sonic wwffy part 6)

Hello pples mmkay i have been really behind on things so hopefully i get caught up. Plz rate and comment enjoy the quiz! And our new character is from Dreamgirl790 Nova!!! I DO NOT OWN SONIC THE HEDGEHOG!! Recap: Okay so you met Tails and you find out how to defeat Mephiles and part of the reason why you are an animal. Then you are trying to get out of your wheelchair. You asked Shadow and you don't know what he means

Created by MzArtistTornado74 on 11/30/1999

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You're sleeping soundly until something hitting your window. You get up and look out the window to see Shadow hitting rocks at it. You opened the window "Aren't you coming outside or what?" "I'll be right down," You put on your clothes and go outside.

"I thought you didn't want to help me," you said. "you thought ," said Shadow. "Alright were gonna go slowly, so just attempt to walk," You weakly get out of your wheelchair and go to Shadow. You almost fell until Shadow caught you in time.

You gaze at Shadow while he sits you in your wheelchair. "What?" asked Shadow. "nothing..." you were blushing."Ahem!" said a purple hedgehog . "Nova your back," said Shadow. "Its about time you notice instead of flirting with your girlfriend!" she smirked

"I'm not his girlfriend," you said. Shadow rolled his eyes. "____ this is Nova she is an old friend, Nova this is ____ she came here two days ago," said Shadow. "Hi ___ love your name!" said Nova. "Thanks," you said. "Soo what are you guys doing?"

"I'm helping ___ walk," said Shadow. "Oh okay," said nova slyly. "I'm going to let you get back to "walking" and see the others," Nova couldn't stop grinning at you two. Shadow rolled his eyes. "Let's try this again, but this time I will hold your hand,"

You attempt to walk with Shadow's hand. You felt a wetness on Shadow's glove you thought it was sweat. "Uhh Shadow? Are you sweating?" It looked like Shadow was blushing a tiny bit. "No, your doing fine," said Shadow. Until you fall again!

"You have done enough we'll continue tomorrow," said Shadow. He rolls you to the house. "Shadow, thank you," you said. Shadow nodded and you guys went into the house. "Hi guys were going out for breakfast, so get ready!" said Nova.

Shadow rolls you upstairs to your room and goes to his. After your shower, you go downstairs to find Sonic and Silver playing super mario. "Good Morning ___ did you sleep well?" asked Sonic. "Yes i did," Nova came downstairs listening to music.

"Are you ready to go to the famous Boulette's Larder ___? " asked Silver. "I guess so," you said. Suddenly Nova starts break dancing to her music. "Cuz your DEAD! WE HEARD THE NEWS THAT YOUR DEAD!!!" she sang loudly. "What are you listening to?"

"Dead by mcr," said Nova. "Why?!" asked Silver. "Because there awesome!" "Okay then," you said. Shadow comes downstairs "Was there an earthquake?!" "Hey if you must know that was me dancing!" "Lets just go eat I'm dying of starvation!" said Nova.

At the restaurant: It was packed with other animals and you were a bit scared of what they gave as food. You didn't know if they served bugs or human food. Okay you guys sit down who do you sit next to?

When you got the menu you were relieved that their food wasnt bugs. "Do you see anything good ___?" asked Nova. "It looks alright i guess a fruit salad would be okay," you said. What do you eat for breakfast?

I'll just eat ___" you said. "good choice, i'll eat fruit salad" said nova. " You notice that Shadow was looking at you over the menu. You glared at him to catch a glance. "What?" said Shadow. "Nothing," nova smiled

"So Nova how was your trip from Earth?" asked Sonic. "It was interesting I met this human that was dimwit as a rock!" said Nova. "okay how was she dimwitted?" asked Silver. "Well she never understood why you use soap while washing the dishes!"

After breakfast, everyone shows you around Mobius! You went to see Twilight Park and Green Hill Zone which was beautiful. Now you are at the biggest arcade you have ever seen! "Whoah! It is soo cool!" you said. "Welcome to Arcade World!"said Silver

"I'm gonna go play some games!" said Nova. "Be back in 40 minutes!" said Silver. "yeah yeah yeah," Nova ran off to get some tokens. "Do you wanna play some games ___?" asked Sonic. "Sure!" You and sonic go to get some tokens and play hundreds of games!

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