Percy Jackson and the Olympians: Who's Your Godly Parent?

After reading Rick Riordan's series about the amazing protagonist, Percy Jackson, has it ever crossed your mind that the Greek myths in the stories aren't myths, but in fact true? Have you ever wondered if you are actually a demigod, half human and half Greek god? Or if there are such horrid beasts like the many headed Hydra that hunt down others like you? If you've had these thoughts before, you've probably also wanted to know who your godly parent is. Find out here!

Created by PreppyInPlaid on 11/30/1999

Take the Percy Jackson and the Olympians: Who's Your Godly Parent? quiz.

Which of these best describes a phobia you have?

You feel most comfortable when...

Which of these animals immediately pops out to you? Is it...

If you were in the middle of a battle and a huge monster appeared from the ground in front of you, which of these would you most likely do? Answer TRUTHFULLY.

Imagine you wake up in a garden enclosed by walls. As you sit up from your place on a bench, you realize the garden is enchanted.In the back of your head you know you should leave, but the overwhelming desire to explore is too strong. What do you look at?

What are you looking forward to most in Camp Half-Blood?

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