Black Butler RP!! =)

So this is my first RP quiz. Hope you'll like it. So here's some information, your name is Madeline Yukito Alfonso. You are the daughter of the dead national hero, you are 12 and a half years old. You are also a noble that owns the Alfonse Clothes shop. And its very popular. =)

Created by OliviaLuares987 on 11/30/1999

Take the Black Butler RP!! =) quiz.

Did you read the memo? its quite important.

You went outside and the mailman gave you a letter. You went inside and opened it. It said that there's a nobles meeting tomorrow at 4:00 PM.

" My lady, wake up, we have to leave early now, we still have to do alot of things. " said your maid, Lisa. " *yawns* hmm Okay, so where are we going first? " you said while she dresses you up. " we go to our shop first my lady, we have to check on Cecili

" So Cecilia, how's the stocks going? " you said, " well miss madie, its been very good! " " well that's very nice. We should leave now, bye. " So Lisa, where will we meet madam red? " " she said to see her at this adress. Well, were here my lady. "

Your order is already with madam red so you had to leave now. " Ahh it's almost 4:00 well come on Lisa. " you are already at the nobles meeting, and it ended. A boy with black hair, an eyepatch and a tall man behind him, aproached you and asked what your

" So i've seen your performances, it was great, but may I ask, what's your name? " He said. " well, I-I'm Madeline Yukito Alfonso, but you can call me Madie " you said. " oh I see. Well my name is Earl Ciel Phantomhive. You can call me Ciel. So I see half

okay, so i'll end here for now but i'll continue it. I promise. Message me for ideas!! and please rate or comment.

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