What Would You Do?

My first quiz~ The "One" always with you. How do you respond? Keep in mind that your actions will make him react differently with every choice you make. Can you take your relationship to a whole level? How he might see you: Sister (older, younger), Friend, Lover, Crush, Girlfriend, (etc.)

Created by LemonDeVier on 11/30/1999

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You have a killer exam and the "One" suggests that you two have a "study date" at the library. You agree and here you are. Him forcing you to sit on his lap and you trying to study. Not to mention that he's more interested in your neck... What do you do?

It's winter and you're out on a walk with the "One". He sees you shivering and offers to "share" his scarf. You see him smirking at you and you want to hit him but you're really cold... What do you do?

You haven't been eating and the "One" notices this. He traps you in the student council room (which is empty) and attempts to feed you. When you stubbornly refuse, he mutters things about "ropes" and passing by classmates giggle at you. What do you do?

You and the "One" are at your house. You're eating apples and the "One" wants some. You say "Get your own" and he does. The last apple that you popped into your mouth is stolen, the feeling of his tongue teasing you.. Did he just... What do you do?

You and the "One" are walking in the hallways when a girl comes out and confesses to him! The "One" looks like he's about to say something, but instead, glances at you. What do you do?

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